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Increase Your Exhibit SalesThrough A Proven Laarhoven Design Rental Program!

Laarhoven Design has a custom tailored rental program that makes it very easy for you to service both National and International rental needs.

Regardless of exhibit size, frequency of show schedule, or budget, Laarhoven Design formulates solutions that meet your client's needs. Rental solutions allow exhibitors to maximize their budget and redirect their capital expense funds toward complimentary marketing activates, such as additional graphics, ad specialties, and pre & post show direct mail campaigns. Rental solutions also give your clients an opportunity to have a fresh and exciting new look every year, or every show.

With Laarhoven Design's new Las Vegas rental depot, we now offer the same cost savings on West Coast Rentals as we have been able to offer on Mid-West and East Coast Rentals. Plus, we can completely turn-key your rental projects with I&D and graphics.

Award winning design, exceptional service and international recognition are a few reasons why you should choose Laarhoven Design for all of your rental exhibit solutions.