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Laarhoven Design: Going Green
Laarhoven Design and the Environment

The world is continuously evolving, finding new and innovative ways to maintain a healthy environment.   For the past 25 years, Laarhoven Design has made a conscious effort to be not only a reliable partner with exhibit builders and their clients, but with the environment as well.  The exhibit world has recently stepped up its efforts in becoming more “green,” and Laarhoven is very excited to assist the exhibit community in this movement. 

Recycle Factor

Laarhoven Design has always strived to maintain a line of environmentally responsible exhibits beginning with the basics, portables.  Our Ambassador, Legend and Elite units are all made from recyclable materials and they can also be recycled following the life of the exhibit.  Our pop up frames and cases can also be recycled.  Laarhoven utilizes ecofi fabric for all fabric panels, and this particular material is made from 60-90% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Laarhoven’s “Green Thumb”

In 2001 Laarhoven introduced Delta Matrix, an aluminum framing system which is not only reusable, but recyclable as well.  Delta Matrix spearheaded the custom modular trend as exhibitors thrived upon the reconfigurable, reusable and reskinable components of the system.  Delta Matrix enabled exhibitors to save large quantities of money on shipping and drayage, installation and dismantle, and refurbishing exhibits. 

Delta Matrix was soon joined by Delta Fabric, which also utilized an aluminum frame system, completing the Delta Systems trifecta.  The lightweight fabric coupled with the aluminum frame allowed exhibitors to save on transportation, crating, and portability; thus, profiting exhibitors and the environment alike.  Delta Systems as a whole has enabled exhibitors to cut down on landfill waste, conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions leading to a further decrease of toxic chemicals and air pollution.

Fuel: It’s what’s driving the Economy

A peace of mind when it comes to shipping costs can seem far-fetched with the volatile oil prices and high transportation costs that exist today.  Laarhoven, however, can provide that peace of mind.  Our lightweight aluminum framing system weighs up to 65% less than traditional custom exhibits and take up 50% less volume in the transportation vehicle.  Exhibitors have been able to take advantage of this efficient shipping process to cut transportation costs.  In addition, Laarhoven’s rental program allows dealers to rent from each other within the Laarhoven dealer network as well as large inventories in Las Vegas and Atlanta.  This provides the ability to rent in the same geographical location as the show, enabling one to rent locally.


Laarhoven Design has an environmentally-friendly printing process.  Having complete graphics capabilities in-house enables Laarhoven Design to choose environmentally-friendly printing processes.  The direct print process allows for direct-to-substrate printing, eliminating additional overlaminating and glue.  Inks are water-based and free of volatile solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons and do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals.  

The addition of a dye-sublimation printing has enabled the use of water-based inks on recyclable fabric.  The lightweight and lower-volume exhibits have lower environmental impact compared to its counterparts with respect to oil and transportation costs. An environmentally-friendly fabric is available that is made of 59% repreve polyester.  One pound of repreve fabric conserves 61,000 BTUs of energy, equivalent to 0.5 gallons of gasoline.* 

Daily Actions

The Laarhoven family strives each day to be environmentally friendly by recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans and office paper.  In fact, just about everything under the Laarhoven roof can be recycled with the exception of food.  Measures have been taken in order to reduce the use of paper, whether it’s paperless communication, double-sided printing and being conscious of what is sent to the printer.  All shipping and packing materials are recycled and reused, and minimal amounts of tape, visqueen and materials are used in our warehouse in order to stay environmentally sensitive.  Our warehouse also utilizes low-energy metal halide lights. 

Laarhoven Design believes that being environmentally-friendly is a way of life, not individual acts streamlined together.  We strive to not only help Mother Nature, but also our dealers so they too can take advantage of products and services that help preserve the environment.

Congratulations to:

One of our Dealers "Creatacor" who is headquartered in upstate New York was awarded an honorable mention for Best Of Show at TS2 for an inline booth category.



May 8, 2006 (Atlanta, GA) - Laarhoven Design, Inc. has hired Rob Loughran to the newly created position of National Account Manager.  Rob will be responsible for managing and promoting the Laarhoven Design Dealer network.  He will also provide product and sales training to established and new dealers nationwide.

Many dealers will remember Loughran, who worked for Laarhoven Design from 1989 – 1992 in sales and from 1993 - 1996 when he was promoted to National Sales Trainer.   Loughran left Laarhoven to work in the custom exhibit side of the industry, where he worked at CDA South, Inc, Czarnowski Exhibit Service, Expotechnik, and most recently at Momentum Management.

“We are please to improve the service to our distributors by now going directly to them for requested specialized training,” said Robert Laarhoven, president of Laarhoven Design, Inc.  “Rob’s vast experience in the industry in both the portable modular and custom exhibits will be an asset to helping us achieve an even higher level of customer service and satisfaction.”

Laarhoven Design, a leading manufacturer of custom modular and portable exhibit systems and graphics.  With over 22 years in business, Laarhoven Design systems are marketed through a nationwide network of dealers.  For more information, call 800-823-2223, or visit


Laarhoven celebrating 20th Anniversary in tradeshow biz
May 17 2004

By Brooke Ross
For Exhibit City News

Busy on the floor at March’s Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas, Robert Laarhoven tore himself away from his booth to discuss another upcoming event-the 20th anniversary of his company, Laarhoven Design, Inc.
May 17 will mark two decades of business for the modular and portable exhibit systems manufacturer. What began with an unemployed college graduate in search of a job is today a successful manufacturing and distribution business with 250 U.S. dealers and approximately 80 employees.

To celebrate the occasion, Laarhoven, founder and CEO, plans to throw a party in July at his country club in Atlanta, Ga.
“You can’t be in business for 20 years without your employees, your suppliers and your customers,” he said. “I think what I’m going to say to everyone is ‘thank you.’”

Laarhoven Design opened in the U.S. in 1984, with the sole purpose of distributing the Lacet panel system. Robert Laarhoven’s uncle, Franz Laarhoven, had started the company in the Netherlands. After a post- college trip to visit his uncle, Robert expanded the business to the U.S.

“I saw what he [Franz Laarhoven] was doing, and he said ‘why don’t you do this in the U.S.?’ My uncle needed U.S. distribution,” Laarhoven explained. “And I needed a job.”

Laarhoven Design has since evolved from its humble one-product beginning. Today the company offers the Elite and Legend panel systems, tabletop displays, custom graphics, buying and rental options, and a variety of pop-up displays, including the 1999 introduction of Convertible, the world’s first modular pop-up display, and Maverick, the budget-conscious 2001 edition.

Atlanta is home to Laarhoven and its full service exhibit house, with more than 75,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Laarhoven Design clients include Coca Cola, Hitachi and Exhibit Works.

This year, Laarhoven Design will introduce a new product feature, dye sublimated fabric graphics. The company will incorporate the graphics into its exhibits, combining digital technology and imaging. The design will offer an alternative graphic solution that can easily be folded, rolled and professionally cleaned, with the end result making a lighter, more durable exhibit.

“We’re constantly innovating,” Laarhoven said.
In the economic aftermath of the 2001 U.S. terrorist attacks, Laarhoven Design gave clients a new, money-saving option.

Laarhoven describes the last half of 2001 as a time when clients opted to redesign graphics instead of purchasing new builds. He said exhibitors were closely studying the costs of tradeshows and monitoring their ROI.

But, coincidentally, right before the September attacks, Laarhoven Design introduced Delta Matrix, a custom modular system that could be bought or rented, a new option for clients wanting large exhibits.

Laarhoven said customers looked to the Matrix system as an alternative. The system was lighter and saved on drayage and installation costs, providing clients with a custom design on the show floor at a rental price.

“We had the right product at the right time in a bad economy,” Laarhoven said.

From day one, Laarhoven Design has worked to please clients. When Laarhoven was still learning the modular/portable industry in the early years of the company, he’d agree to a business deal, return to his office, originally based in New Jersey, and figure out what he’d just agreed to do.

“I was never taught this,” he said. “Not many of us went to school to be in the tradeshow industry.”

Laarhoven, now a seasoned veteran of the industry, still strives to make clients happy. For the last seven years, he’s held a special event the first day of the annual Exhibitor Show, honoring the companies that use Laarhoven products. The company hosts a special awards breakfast for both sales and design, recognizing clients that have come up with the most innovative uses of his products.

Laarhoven said it’s the company’s way of showing appreciation for clients’ hard, day-to-day work.

“Everybody loves recognition, and a lot of our dealers are small companies,” he said. “To be recognized in front of your peers is an honorable thing.”

The breakfast also includes a brief “state of the union” by Laarhoven as he reviews with clients the past year and the year ahead.

“Everybody’s so stressed at the show,” he explained. “It [the ceremony] is more to get together in a relaxing atmosphere before the show starts.”

But stress is a small price to pay for a job Laarhoven loves.

“After someone’s been in this business for 12 months, it gets in your blood and you can’t get out,” he said. “It’s show business, and I love it.”

For more information, call 800-825-2223 or visit