Laarhoven Design



The aluminum retractable structure, which holds fabric or graphic panels.

The square module that is the basis of the frame's configuration.

Two aluminum rods that are criss-crossed and riveted in the middle and are the building block components for the quad.

The hardware point of connection for scissors.

Channel Bar:
Magnetized bars that are joined together with hinges to match the quad height of your frame. Channel bars are used to hold fabric or graphic panels onto the Maverick frame. They are unslotted. Slotted channel bars are available upon request.

The "ABS" strips attached to the tops and bottoms of either graphic or fabric panels. These strips allow the panels to hang from the frame.

The term used to describe a fabric panel or mural graphic piece which covers the surface of the frame.

A graphic that attaches directly to the display via a magnetic connection with the channel bars. Murals are independent of any fabric with regard to their attachment to the display structure. It usually fills the entire display's graphic area.

A rounded fabric or mural piece that covers and finishes the ends of a frame. It completes the "finished, seamless" look.

Oval Case:
A black, oval, roto-molded case on wheels used to transport and store a Maverick unit. Oval cases feature a handle and contain a light compartment in the lid to hold two halogen light fixtures. This case can become a professional counter with the use of a laminated or Sintra countertop and a fabric or graphic panel wrap.