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Features & Benefits

Maverick is simply the best value for your budget.
Made of durable aluminum, Maverick frames provide
the ruggedness you expect from a Laarhoven Design product.

Product: Maverick
Developed: 2001
Type: Maverick is a pop-up display system for the budget conscious exhibitor.
Available Sizes: 6' Tabletop kits, 8' and 10' Floor Standing kits.
Production Time: Delivery is 5 Business Days from receipt of purchase order.
Available Fabrics: Choose from a wide variety of Frontrunner®, and Prelude™ fabric colors.  Standard fabric colors are listed below.  All non-standard fabric colors will require an additional 5-day lead time.

Frontrunner               Prelude
1. Coal                         1. Eclipse
2. Imperial                   2. Mist     
3. Koala                       3. Royal
4. Silver
5. Windsor


Limited frame locks: Frames require only a limited number of locks.

Benefits: A ten foot and 8 foot backwall have 3 locks and a six foot
tabletop has 2 locks making the frame virtually "self-locking" if opened in the correct manner.

Connected channel bar: Channel bars are connected and fold down for packing.

Benefits: This makes for a quick set up when compared to systems that require an individual channel bar at each quad section. The back of the channel bars have slots that fit over the hubs. The slots are off-set making the attachment of channel bars to frame effortless.

Magnet-to-magnet panel construction:

Benefits: Panels automatically pop into place. Some competitors have magnet to steel which allows for panels to move.

Compact frame: When folded for packing, the frame takes up limited space in cases.

Benefits: Makes for efficient use of space when packing exhibit.

Case-to-counter options: Maverick has several case-to-counter options varying in size and price.

Benefits: Allows exhibitor to keep case(s) in booth so they do not have to wait for drayage to return empties.

Oval Case: An entire ten foot exhibit, including case-to-counter options fit into one case.

Benefits: Panels fit into protected, partitioned section. Lights fit into compartment in lid. Ships via expedited services such as FedEx and UPS or can be checked as baggage with airline...(some airlines may charge you excess fee-suggest that you check with skycap and give nice tip!).

Warranty: Lifetime, unconditional warranty on all frames and channel bars. Limited warranty on panels and countertops.

Benefits: Gives exhibitor peace of mind that they made a wise investment.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Counters with storage
  • Moderate weight bearing counters
  • Lightweight - complete 10' exhibit weighs less than 90 lbs.
  • Portable
  • Halogen Lights
  • Easy set up
  • Easy to apply graphics
  • Frontrunner & Prelude are standard fabric choices
  • Internal/Exterior Shelving
  • Backlit Headers
  • Wheeled oval case
  • Accessories: We have a full line of accessories for Maverick. Please refer to Convertible accessories list, or call Dealer Support Services for more details.