Laarhoven Design


Features & Benefits



Self-Locking Frame

Easy, fast setup in one motion

Connected Channel Bars

Fast attachment with fewer parts to
assemble or lose

Steel Scissor Tip and Hub Connection

Strong, durable connection points

Magnet-to-Magnet Panel Attachment

Easy, stable fabric/graphic panel mounting

On-site Repairable Hub/Scissors

Keeps display in the field

Lifetime Frame/Channel Bar Warranty

"Guaranteed" a solid investment

Available Sizes

10' or 8' floor displays
8' or 6' tabletop displays


Floor Displays

Standard Kit Components

Tabletop Displays







 Aluminum frame





 Fabric mural panels/end-caps





2 halogen lights





1 halogen light





 Connected channels bars in fabric case





 Oval packing/shipping case





 Standard packing/shipping case





 Case-to-Counter conversion kit including fabric case wrap and
“sintra” counter top