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Legend Rentals

Legend Rentals

Legend is a frameless, folding panel system with a sturdy internal frame and a true internal flexible hinge. Legend has a Tricel¨ infill with liner, and aluminum pins. The framework and hinge make Legend an ideal choice for durable yet lightweight exhibit solutions for table tops, free standing in-line exhibits and smaller island configurations.

Single Stacking Pins
Legend is assembled by aligning single stacking aluminum pins for ease of set-up.
Stem Lights
Lighting accessories and custom canopies are ideal for high impact graphics.
Storage Doors
Full-height hinging doors with optional locks provide easy access to all the items you'll need during the show.
Diffuser Panels
Rear-lit headers can either be used on the backwall of the exhibit or be incorporated in high impact lightbridges. Diffuser panels add a custom appearance.
Unique curved endcap construction makes set-up a snap.
Keyboard Tray
Legend adds the functionality of computer kiosks with seamless hidden keyboard trays.
Slatwall is ideal for product presentations and can either
be covered with fabric or left exposed, dependeing on
design requirements.
Multiple Fabric/Laminate Finishes
Counter tops are available in unlimited laminate choices and have fully finished edges for a truly custom look.

Specially Engineered Panels: Constructed of lightweight, yet sturdy laminated honeycomb composite board covered in foil.

    Benefits: Honeycomb construction makes panels lightweight. Foil covering acts as a moisture barrier and aids in fire retardencey.

Co-extruded PVC Hinge: The hinge between panels is made of a CO-extruded plastic that allows for 360 degree turning of panels while keeping seam rigid.

    Benefits: The strong yet pliable hinge gives Legend its strength. This can be noted in certain configurations that do not require any additional stiffeners. The hinge carries a lifetime warranty.

PVC Trim: The trim extrusion on the perimeter of the panel is made of a rigid PVC.

    Benefits: PVC is lightweight yet strong and is not susceptible to bending.

Aluminum Stacking Pin: Each seam features one aluminum stacking pin and two steel tabs.

    Benefits: Aluminum stacking pins will not break and can be removed if required. (Removable pins are also available) The steel tabs ensure proper alignment of panels.

Panel Sizing: Legend panels are available in heights of 14", 39" and 46". Panel width is 24".

    Benefits: The variety of panel heights increase design options. Using the 39", 39", 14" combination allows the accent stripe to be in the middle or top of the exhibit.

Fabric Choices: Variety of fabrics to choose from

    Benefits: Choice for the exhibitor.

Laminate Options: Variety of laminate choices

    Benefits: Choice for the exhibitor

Custom Counter Tops: Counters are made of MDF board, and have a full 1.25" laminated custom lip.

    Benefits: MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a very strong material and gives counters a 300 pound weight-bearing capacity. The laminated lips on counters give them a custom appearance.

Curved Trapezoid counter: All trapezoid counters are available with a customized curvature on them.

    Benefits: Gives for a more customized appearance as well as an additional 5" of counter depth on a 78" trapezoid counter.

Choice of Cases: Portable and Large Top Loading Jumbo Cases are available for packaging.

    Benefits: Exhibits can either be portable or can be packed in minimal jumbo cases. One jumbo case holds the equivalent of 5 portable cases.

Case-to-Counter Conversion: Both portable and jumbo cases can be converted to a counter during show.

    Benefits: No waiting for cases after show ends.

Canopy Light: Custom laminated canopy light.

    Benefits: Canopy light can be laminated in same laminate choice as countertops and adds to the custom look of exhibit.

Flexible Endcaps: Fabric covered.

    Benefits: Easily buckled. Packs flat. Appearance of depth.

Full Height Locking Doors: Doors are standard on all counters.

    Benefits: Doors have a 27 1/2" height and 17" width which allows for maximum use of counter storage space. Locks can be added to any door.

Fabric Covered Slatwall: Standard slatwall covered in fabric.

    Benefits: Standard slatwall allows for standard brackets that can be purchased in any filtering store or catalog. Slatwall is covered so it blends into the color scheme of the booth.

Panels Covered on Two Sides: Panels are covered on both sides and can be different colors.

    Benefits: If one side becomes soiled or damaged the panel can be turned around. Exhibit can be used for different marketing objectives or divisions requiring different colors.

Plexiglas Headers/Diffusers: All header and diffusers are made of real plexiglas.

    Benefits: Ensures a quality foundation for rear-lit headers.

Full backwall to Table top Conversion: Covert any full height exhibit to multiple tabletops.

    Benefits: Allows for multiple uses of same exhibit.