Laarhoven Design


Options & Accesories

  1. Rear-lit headers can either be used on the backwall of the exhibit or be incorporated in high impact lightbridges. Diffuser panels add a custom appearance.
  2. Unique curved endcap construction makes set-up a snap.
  3. Slatwall is ideal for product presentations and can either be covered with fabric or left exposed, depending on design requirements.
  4. Stable and solid counters have a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds and can either be freestanding or attached to the exhibit.
  5. Lightboxes are ideal for high impact graphics.
  6. Full-height hinging doors with optional locks provide easy access to all the items you'll need during the show.
  7. Multiple graphic options allow for rear-lit or Velcro¨ on images for additional design flexibility.
  8. Lighting accessories and custom canopies are ideal for high impact graphics

CASING OPTIONSLegend's exceptional, flat-packing case or top-loading case makes transporting and setting up your exhibit effortless.