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The patent pending Direct Print Cromaprint UV Curable ink technology has remarkable adhesion quality and resistance to “rough” handling as evidenced in the “trade show industry.”

Less materials, no “de-laminating”, no bubbling…and great pricing vs laminated panels.

The machine is able to print and adhere to a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates including PVC, acrylic, wood, styrene, corrugated and aluminum. This includes substrates up to 96” wide and 2” thick.

Purchase both hardware and graphics from one supplier…faster, easier, and less coordination.

Color Management
Printing in a 4 color wide gamut with variable-sizing picoliters enables a 4-color process to mimic an 8 colors process.  The results are excellent color matching properties on a variety of surfaces and substrates.

Accurate reproduction of client color matches…fewer worries under tight turnarounds.


Dye sublimation is the process of permanently transferring a digitally generated image "into" the fibers of polyester-based fabric. This is accomplished through careful manipulation of heat, pressure and transfer time. Once transferred into the fabric, a dye sublimated image can be rolled, folded and cleaned without damaging the image.


Download the complete artwork Specifications here.


Product Information

Any Image: With the arrival of the "digital era", just about any image can be reproduced without loss of image quality at any size. Photographic reproduction can be accomplished as long as the "scanned" density of the "dots" are maintained at a minimum resolution level for the desired "final size". If the resolution (dpi) of the final output falls below the minimal requirement, the visual quality (color and sharpness) of the image may be compromised. (See Artwork Guidelines)

Any Size: Images can be printed to a maximum width of 48", with no limitations in length. Should the finished size reach beyond 48", the image will be seamed/tiled. Generally, if the final image does require tiling, there will be minimal visual disruption as the typical viewable distance of a large format banner will mitigate any obvious seam lines within the image.

Any Color: Digital images are created from four basic colors...Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK). Our advanced color matching system has been "profiled" by specific fabric finishes (poplin, duck, satin) to correspond to the Pantone Matching System (PMS). In most cases, the reproduced quality of the image will be accurately reflected in the final output of the image. But, on occasions, minor deviations may occur due to the limitations of the digital printing process. (See Artwork Guidelines)

Artwork Guidelines

Format: All artwork should be provided as high resolution digital files. We accept files on CD, DVD and via FTP site.
Programs: Preferred files in Illustrator or Photoshop (MAC or PC Platform). Save images as TIFF or EPS in PC Format. Title and version of software used for artwork creation are requested.

File Preparation:
Resolution: Resolution should be 100 dpi @ 100% size .
Leave file layered. Do not flatten.
Fonts: All logos and text should be saved as outlines.
Proof: Provide a hard, color copy or PDF of the image for reference and image confirmation. We cannot be responsible for inaccurate images unless proof is supplied.
Color Matching: Critical colors need to be specified according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS Coated). Every attempt will be made to match colors, but exact color matches may not be possible due to the finish of the substrate (fabric).
Scanned Images: Create as TIFF files in RGB at a minimum of 100 dpi at 100% final output size. This is in direct relation to above resolution requirements.
Graphic Templates:
Design templates exist for graphic preparation of artwork to be printed on fabric and mounted on Laarhoven Design hardware products. These templates include dimension and graphic requirements to help insure the proper layout and construction of the product.

For inkjet sublimation create files in CMYK

Download the complete artwork Specifications here.