Laarhoven Design

Delta Systems

DeltaFabric Exhibits

DeltaFabric... Bigger, Lighter, Faster ... Sensible!

25' long x 8' high DeltaFabric wall fits in one flat packer

20' x 20' exhibit including 4 counters packs in one 2' x 4' x 8' crate

Build Large Backlit Walls with DeltaFabric

8' x 10' Seamless DeltaFabric graphics are lightweight

20' Inline System3 extrusion accepts fabric graphics on front and back sides

DeltaFabric System1 attaches easily to walls

DeltaFabric System2 connects frames for free standing lightboxes

4' x 8' graphics setup easily with thumb pressure

System3 side channels connect easily into DeltaExtrusion
and other branded aluminum systems ( e.g. Agam)

Simple "Tube, Ring, Key" quickly attaches DeltaMatrix to DeltaFabric

Combine custom elements with DeltaFabric for mixed textures