Laarhoven Design

Delta Matrix


The Delta Matrix frame is created with anodized aluminum. There are holes in the frames that are 30mm in diameter. Holes are found along the perimeter of the frame and go completely through the frame. Holes are spaced at 62mm intervals (center of hole to center of hole). Therefore, frame size must be a multiple of 62mm. Holes are used to connect panels with tubes as well as connect other various items to frame.

Tubes are chrome-plated steel and are 30mm in diameter. They fit through holes in frame and are used primarily to attach frames together. Tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes: straight, 90 degree, 135 degree, U and variable. Straight tubes can also be used in conjunction with various shelf brackets to create hanging rods for garments.

Clamp Ring
The clamp ring fits over tube and is tightened with a 3mm allen key. Clamp rings are sold separately from tubes. Two or four clamp rings are required per tube depending on application. When attaching panels side by side with 160mm tube only two clamp rings are required. When using 125mm 90 degree tube two clamp rings are required, however, four may be desired. All other tubes require four clamp rings to ensure proper spacing of frames.

This is a Delta Matrix specific word (not found in any dictionary) and describes the ease of Delta Matrix installation and dismantle-Tube, Ring, Key.

Panels are made of 1/8" thick substrate covered with various materials including: laminates, graphics, and vinyl. Virtually any material can be used as a substrate so long as the combined thickness of panel and covering does not exceed 3/16" inch. Panels are attached to frames with either Velcro, magnets or double-faced tapes depending on application and location of panel. For instance, magnets should not be used in panels above 8Õ (second level)-Velcro is recommended.

Custom Panel
Custom Panels are made of 1/8" substrate covered on 1 side with your choice of laminate or vinyl. Back side of custom panel can either be white or black laminate. Other custom panels would include Plexiglas and syntra.

Standard Panel
Standard Panels are made of 1/8" substrate covered on 2 sides with a laminate finish or raw on 2 sides. Raw sides are ideal for adding custom finishes such as laminates, vinyl or graphics. Graphics can be applied to standard panels, however, we recommend you adhere them to smooth sides as listed below.

Standard Panel Colors
Standard colors are: White laminate (textured)/White laminate (smooth) Black laminate (textured)/Black laminate (smooth) Maple laminate (smooth)/Black laminate (smooth) Brushed aluminum (smooth)/Black laminate (smooth) Raw finish (smooth)/Raw finish (smooth)