Laarhoven Design

Delta Matrix

Features & Benefits

A unique audacious exhibit system that is about to change the construct of exhibit marketing today. Its lustrous architectural synergy and design versatility fuse together to curiously explore the limits of your imagination.

Quality and durability allow Laarhoven's design department to effectively translate your specific exhibit criteria into a high impact rental solution. Its ability to morph into your every cosmetic desire salute the ingenious frame construction qualifying Matrix high within the ranks of installation simplicity.
Retail Showroom?
The sharp prevailing design of Matrix offer to compliment any retail showroom with a touch of elegance. As a freestanding product kiosk, or a handsome wall display-Matrix is the solution for an alluring product presentation.
Unlimited Panel Finishes?
The composition of Matrix structure provides incalculable infill alternatives amongst the spectrum of panel finishes. Choose from an array of laminates, Deco metals, and graphic applications and declare your exhibits creative immunity.
Quality & Durability?
Lightweight anodized aluminum and chrome plated steel are the foundation of a new industry standard in exhibit manufacturing.
When it comes to installation and dismantle. . .time is money. Matrix's simplicity is best defined as : Tube...Ring...& Key
Although Matrix was introduced to the US by Laarhoven Design at Exhibitor Show 2001 it is not a new product. Matrix has been sold and rented successfully in Europe since the late 1980's, and Laarhoven Design/Europe has been working with it successfully since 1992.

Matrix's ideal niche in the exhibit market is 20'x20' and larger exhibits and is ideal as both a purchase and rental solution. Clients will be drawn to the fact that Matrix combines some of the best features of system and custom exhibits all combined into one. Features include:
  • Large virtually seamless graphic opportunities that can be easily changed
  • Unlimited panel finishes that can be easily changed
  • Eurotech look which is the current trend right now in custom market
  • Large panels that decrease management intensity of property Vs typical custom modular systems
  • Ease and lower cost of Installation and Dismantle
  • Structurally sound and load bearing
Price Point
Matrix falls into industry standard norms of $1097-$1482 per linear foot for inline exhibits and $126-$152 per square foot for island exhibits. When discussing price it is important to remember benefits listed above that lower the long-term costs of ownership versus competitive solutions.

Delivery Time
Matrix will be delivered four weeks from date of order.

All design requests should be forwarded to Laarhoven Design, Inc.'s design department and are subject to same terms and conditions as other design services.

All quotation requests should be forwarded to your account manager. If a design is required along with quotation then this will be coordinated between your account manager and design department.