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Dealer: Laarhoven Design/Atlanta
Norcross, GA
A/E: Brad Strumpf
Client: Ascom
Size: 20' x 40'
Show: Int'l Parking Expo
Toronto, ON | June 2002
Budget: $30,000 (exhibit & graphics)
Notes: In June of 2002 Brad Strumpf, of Laarhoven Design/Atlanta developed a 20’x40’ rental solution for Ascom’s upcoming show in Toronto, Canada.

Ascom, with US headquarters in Atlanta, designs, manufactures and implements parking, toll and fare systems. In June of 2002 Brad Strumpf, of Laarhoven Design/Atlanta, rented Ascom a 20’x40’ Rental Solution for their show in Toronto, Canada. One of the features of MATRIX that enamored ASCOM was the ability to change the configuration of the exhibit for a new look at future shows without having to re-invest in an entirely new graphics package. That opportunity came up in June of 2003.

Ascom rented the same square footage for this year’s show but wanted a new look. They did not require private meeting space but did want visible corporate ID. Brad’s solution was to design an open and inviting exhibit with a front rear-lit tower. They were able to use many of the graphics from the previous year and thereby spend $10,000 less in 2003 than they did in 2003..
Design Solutions Offered:
An interesting point about the Ascom project is that in 2002 it was slated as a sale. But, with budget cuts Ascom was contemplating cutting the show entirely. Brad gave them the option to rent, stay within their revised budget and realize a successful show. 2003 marked their second successful rental from Brad and Laarhoven Design.

  • 16’ high tower using same rear lit graphic with different translucent color.
  • Multiple work stations.
    • Standard white laminate panels.
  • Arched Canopy comprised of (5) curved panels going 16’ deep into exhibit.
  • Public and semi-private meeting areas.
  • Exhibit packed in (3) 4’x4’x8’ high crates.
  • Installation took (2) men and (1) supervisor one day.

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